Anatomia – Dead Bodies from the Morgue


ANATOMIA is a Japanese old school Death Metal band. Formed back in 2002, this band released two studio albums along with various demos, splits and live albums. “Dead Bodies In the Morgue” is a compilation of their earlier works.
ANATOMIA, is all about cannibalism, the human body and the desire for chopping it and turning into pieces.

Delivering pure fucking death metal music that sounds dark, heavy and filthy like muddy.
The production sounds totally putrid, since is a compilation of a couple of the first demos but is perfect for a bad atmosphere full of cursed guitar riffs and ultra low growls.


Product Description

1. Morgue of Cannibalism
2. Funeral Feast
3. Drowned in Sewage
4. Suicides
5. Dead Body Art
6. Human Lust
7. Dying Agony
8. Carnal Mutilation
9. Severed Infant Waste
10. No Way to Live
11. Oozing Child
12. Charred Remains (Autopsy Cover)
13. Fiend for Blood (Autopsy Cover)

Label: Memento Mori
Discs: 1
Format: CD, Compilation
Release Date:  2013


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