Cardiac Arrest – Vortex of Violence


This is Old School Death Metal done right. Chicago’s CARDIAC ARREST has been kicking around for 15 years.
From the start they play blistering, uncompromising, non-regionally specific, Death Metal in the vein of DEICIDE, ENTOMBED, REPULSION, and OBITUARY.


Product Description

1. Portal of the Damned
2. To Their Graves
3. Relentless Pursuit
4. Conjured Beings
5. Primitive Lunacy
6. Vortex of Violence
7. Depths of Despair
8. Ritual Plague
9. Subject to Torture
10. Sacrifice
11. Last Thing That You See

Label: Ibex Moon Records
Discs: 1
Format: CD, Full Length
Release Date:  2012


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